The creation and implementation of Planting Design Plans is a Second Nature specialty.

Considered and appropriate planting can transform or enhance small urban gardens and expansive rural or coastal properties alike. Second Nature are specialists in responding to both the built form and the natural landscape in a manner that is inspired and harmonious.

We respond sensitively to jobs of differing scope and context: we foster collaborative relationships with architects, bringing to fruition the landscaping and planting aspects of their designs, and also work directly with clients to make their planting ideas an effective and successful reality.

Whether you desire an urban sanctuary filled with flowers and foliage, seek to make a pared-back and contemporary statement or require an environmentally sensitive planting design for resource consent, we can provide you with the team that will best suit your individual requirements.

Below are a variety of Planting Design Plans – click on the images to enlarge.


Concept Planting Design

Garden style: Subtropical

A Concept Planting Design focuses on plant types and their positioning to suit the garden’s theme. It helps us identify what plants a client prefers. This information is generally included in a Concept Garden DESIGN package which visually illustrates the design, provides information on structural elements for the build team, and enables estimating.


Detailed Planting Design

Garden style: Contemporary

A Detailed Planting Design incorporates more information such as numbers and size of plants in defined locations. This ensures that the implementation of the design accurately follows the designer’s plan. Designs can be planted by Second Nature’s professional GROW team, an independent contractor, or green-thumbed clients.


Schematic Planting Design

Garden style: Lifestyle property with native coastal planting

A Schematic Planting Design can be created for large-scale landscaping projects such as rural and coastal lifestyle properties to aid with the planting design ideas for spaces created by our talented team of designers or some of Auckland’s top architects. Second Nature often works with architects on such projects from design to build, planting and ongoing maintenance.


Planting Design Illustrations

Garden style: Formal

Planting Design Illustrations can bring 2D Planting Design plans to life. They enable clients to see what their garden would look like from different perspectives, providing confidence their objectives and personal preferences are met. This service is an optional extra and is typically used in conjunction with a full design set.