In 2012 Second Nature commissioned Studio Alexander to refresh our company brand. This work endures with the brand story and the distinctive graphics still in use today

The late Mike Hodge was commissioned by Studio Alexander to refine the Second Nature brand story and undertake the copywriting for our new website. Mike Hodge was both a talented scriptwriter and a practising artist. Below is a reduced version of our brand story as written by Mike and his paintings that were inspired by his work with Second Nature.

Inspiring Landscapes


Our landscaping environments are constantly evolving but the notion of ‘human hands creating a second nature in the natural world’ seems as relevant today as it did when Roman philosopher Cicero coined the expression twenty-two centuries ago.

Cicero’s ‘Second Nature’ is the inspirational source for a landscaping company that knows what is achievable when imaginative human design aligns with nature’s clever design. By intimately understanding and engaging both creative forces, the ordinary can be elevated to the extraordinary.

In today’s hurried world, nature offers a refreshing and increasingly valued counterpoint. An opportunity to surround where we live and work with unique, accessible landscapes that lift our senses and add pleasurable depth to our lives. With thought and imagination, they repay their investment many times over.

Landscapes can be created in an infinite variety of styles, shapes, forms, patterns and textures; from formal to whimsical, from classical to modern, from structural to an ever-changing natural tableau. Whatever concept is chosen, each will be bespoke and reflect a personality that does justice to the particular setting and the owner’s lifestyle.

Like the intricate workings of nature, landscaping projects frequently conceal complexity. Hence the need for a landscaping company with the experience, insights and detail mastery to comfortably manage this complexity on behalf of clients. This peace-of-mind assurance has been a hallmark of Second Nature’s landscaping work for over sixteen years.

Mike’s work on the Second Nature story inspired a series of paintings. Here is his short explanation of his painting series “Third Nature” inspired by his research done for us:

“In the course of doing my research for Second Nature’s brand story, I became interested in Roman philosopher Cicero’s ideas about the relationship between nature’s and human landscapes. Being a painter, I was inspired to explore the interesting tensions between formal landscape design and nature’s more fluid forms. The result was a series of paintings entitled ‘3rd Nature’.”
Mike Hodge