Second Nature works in the environmental space. As landscape gardeners, our work is about being in a relationship with nature. Our people chose ‘landscape’ as their profession out of a passion for the natural world. It is both our medium and our workplace.

Part of our work is the rehabilitation of damaged or compromised landscapes. Whilst our work focuses on the terrestrial environment, our human activities sometimes have negative impacts on the broader environment. The poor state of our waterways is one consequence of poor land stewardship

Second Nature is a proud West Auckland based company, situated near Te Wai O Pareira (Henderson Creek). This awa is the largest and most polluted tributary into the Waitemata. It needs all the help it can get. We have chosen to support the mahi of Rivercare Group Te Wai O Pareira to improve this sad situation.


This Rivercare Group is dedicated to restoring the mauri/well-being of the awa through political advocacy, raising community awareness and physical action (clean-ups, planting, etc). This is a massive undertaking. Before extensive land clearance for urbanisation and farming, the awa supported abundant life. Decades of infrastructural neglect, a rapidly increasing population and poor decision making has compromised the health of the awa. All is not lost; the community is galvanising around this issue and there is a collective will to make turn this situation around

Second Nature is a sponsor and supporter of the Rivercare Groups work and we look forward to a time that this awa is safe and supports abundant life again.

To find out more or get involved in Rivercare Group Te Wai O Pareira visit their website or facebook page rivercaregroup.

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